Carbon Management

Ethical Nation provides a full Carbon Management Service for customers wishing to reduce their emissions and run more sustainably. Services include:

  • GHG Footprinting
  • Climate Change Strategy Development
  • Business and Product Neutrality
  • Carbon Offsetting
  • neutralcarbonzone accreditation

From calculating the carbon footprint of a single event or product, to achieving a net zero figure for carbon neutrality of an organisation... Ethical Nation delivers value. Companies of all sizes can benefit from reducing their environmental impact, both in terms of CSR and improving brand awareness. Now more than ever companies are expected to proactively combat climate change, and in recent years this has proven to be of commercial benefit to those organisations who adopt green practices. Establishing a strong Carbon Strategy is fundamental in achieving real sustainability.

For larger organisations who qualify for the CRC Energy Efficiency Scheme (CRC), Ethical Nation will guide you through the Qualification, Registration, Reporting and Action stages.

If your organisation qualifies we can help you to register and get moving, helping you to improve efficiency and reduce carbon emissions, and enable you to see the rewards from participation earlier. With the Registration and Qualification phase already under way, you may still need to register under the CRC even if your organisation does not fully qualify. Please click here for further information.

To see how carbon neutrality could benefit your business please log on to: or email us at